Garden Drainage

Wirral’s garden drainage specialists

At Wirral Estates we believe that your garden should be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather. It is an environment to be enjoyed, for children to play, pets to run, to be cared for and nurtured. Unfortunately, for many it is completely unusable for many months of the year. It is a common problem across Wirral.

Wirral’s Drainage Problem

The Wirral was once a labyrinth of natural ponds, brooks and streams which have over time been dammed and blocked by building and ground work.

During heavy rain these old streams come back to life and overwhelm your garden sometimes for months on end.

Soggy, muddy and water logged gardens are becoming more and more common due to the wet British weather, for many it means that your back garden can be completely unusable for most of the year. Wirral Estates can solve that.

Our Drainage Solutions

Wirral Estates has developed its own bespoke drainage systems to solve this problem. We will assess each garden individually and provide advice on best drainage solutions, including

  • Soak – aways
  • French drains
  • Wet well water pumps
  • Herringbone land drains
  • Strom drains

Our Clients

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